Client List

At U.S. Cleaning Professionals customer satisfaction is our top priority.  Here are some of the things our customers are saying about us!

“… Thank you – FYI Guadalupe is AWESOME – the best housekeeper ever!” – Belinda K. from Grand Junction, CO

“…The sun light coming through my window is just right and there isn’t a speck of dust to be seen. They do a tremendous job keeping our office looking clean and professional…” – George from Vail, CO

“We were previous clients of these folks and I’ll tell ya what, I wish we had them back. They did an awesome job compared to the “cleaners” we have now. … If I had it my way they would be working for us tomorrow. Keep up the good work!” – Tony from Grand Junction, CO

“…never knew how dirty our office was until U.S. Cleaning came in and did their first clean, Wow! what a difference!” – Tammy from Aspen, CO

“Our cleaning folks are really easy to work with and make accommodations for our crazy schedule.” – Debby from Montrose, CO

“Our shop is a mess each week. After they come in everything looks and smells great.” – Brent from Grand Junction, CO

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