Vinyl Composite Tile

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We provide the following services whether your flooring is newly installed or older.

  • Full Strip and Refinish: We take all of the previous wax and dirt build up and remove it from the surface.  When we get to the bare Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT), we clean and neutralize the base. The final step is to apply 3-5 applications of high solids polymer finish.  Typically this procedure is annual.
  • Top Scrub and Recoat: We lightly scrub the top layers of dirt and embedded wax and remove them from the surface.  After neutralizing the clean surface, we apply 2-3 applications of high polymer finish.  This procedure, depending on traffic levels is performed quarterly or semi- annually.
  • High Speed Burnish:  This is a process needs the floor to have at least 3 coats of finish on the floor.  We clean the floor to remove dirt, stains and dust particles. Then a burnishing chemical is mopped onto the floor and left to dry.  A high speed burnisher is run over the top of every surface to bring the floor back to a high shine.  With the exception of grocery stores this service is usually performed monthly.

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