What Makes US Different?

Providing a safe and healthy working environment for you and your staff is important.  There are several steps to accomplish this.

Most Importantly, Communication!

  • Maintaining constant communication, documentation, and follow up is critical to our success!  We establish a “Portal” for each of our customers using the internet and our eHub system.  You may log in at any time to manage your account, make and view work requests, view your bill, etc.

Our Team:

  • All are employees.  This has been proven the best way to maintain quality.
  • Uniforms
  • Badges

Individualized Cleaning Tasks:
Every cleaning person is trained using your personalized task worksheet to make sure we are cleaning what is important to you and your business.

Employee Background and Reference Checks:
We perform both criminal background checks, and identity verification.  We believe that for the safety of your staff and ours it is imperative you trust every person at U.S. Cleaning Professionals

  • Every employee must have a clean background check verified through the local Bureau of Investigation prior to employment.
  • Every Social Security Number is verified through the Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration upon to employment.

Inspecting and Quality Control:
Regular inspections are done to make sure each employee follows the tasks and maintains the level of quality you expect.   During the inspection process we also provide the building owner or facility manager a list of Special Projects that may need attention.

  • After Cleaning Inspections.
  • Before Cleaning Inspections.
  • During Cleaning Inspections.  This is a great time to make sure we are following the correct procedures, and address any issues that may have come up.

Attendance and Timekeeping Verification:
Our goal is 100% attendance, and accountability.  Our staff “Check’s-In” and “Check’s-Out” from each facility that service is performed.  We verify attendance with either the Caller-ID of your landline, or the GPS location of their smartphone.

  • Elapsed time from a Check-In to a Check-Out is recorded as the team members paycheck time.
  • Using this system, we can constantly monitor time spent at your facility.
  • If there is “No Check-In”, our system alerts the Supervisor to the issue.

Training and Certifications.
All of our staff receives monthly training sessions to ensure quality and safety.   A few examples are below:

  • Basics of Office Cleaning
  • Bloodbourne Pathogen Training
  • Carpet Care
  • Floor Care and Maintenance
  • Green Cleaning
  • Hazardous Materials
  • MSHA Certification
  • OSHA Safety Standards
  • Patient Room Disinfecting
  • Restroom Disinfecting
  • Slip and Fall Prevention.