We have a rare opportunity for an Area Manager position!

Position: Area Manager
Full / Part Time: Full
Starting Wages: $15 – $18 per hour.
Hours: Approximate hours are noon to 9pm 5 to 6 days per week.
Opportunity for Commission: Yes
Opportunity for Additional Pay: Yes!  Learn our Special Services trades, and earn additional add-on pay rates.  Hard Floor Care, Carpet Care, Window Cleaning, Total Quality Management Inspections.
Paid Time Off Yes
Health Insurance Yes

General Qualifications Necessary

  • Must have housekeeping, Janitorial and Janitorial Supervisory experience of 2 + years preferably in the commercial and/or office cleaning environment.
  • Speak, Read, Write English.
  • Speaking Spanish is optional, but you must commit to learning.
  • Must have valid drivers license issued by the State you are working in with little or no violations for the past 7 years.
  • Must be able to pass a complete background check.
  • Reliable Vehicle.
  • Permanent place to live.

Personal Skills Necessary:

  • An eye for details!
  • Promptness and Professionalism are the way you conduct your life.
  • Strong “I will earn this” attitude.
  • Applicants must be highly organized in all aspects of this job.
  • Strong communication skills are a must when working with clients and employees.
  • Optimistic and cheerful personality with the ability to control elevated situations with effective communication.
  • Confident and knowledgeable decision maker to determine appropriate solutions to issues quickly and impartially.
  • Leadership and supervision skills.  Great trainer and motivator!
  • Advanced computer skills with a desire to learn about using technology to increase efficiency and quality with clients, employees and co-workers.

Job Duties:

  • Deliver World Class Service to your customers.
  • It’s always our job!  If a customer asks, our answer is yes!
  • Anticipate your customers needs for general work and supplies.
  • Hiring and training your team.
  • Develop Facility Leads on your team.
  • Scheduling.
  • Ensure all jobs are completed on time and on budget each day.
  • Schedule Special Project work for your team and customers.
  • Total Quality Management, Train, Supervise, Inspect, Feedback
  • Budget Reporting.
  • Meeting with your customers, ensure World Class Service.
  • Cleaning and filling in for janitorial services as required.
  • Skill to provide Stripping/ Waxing Flooring, Steam Cleaning Carpets and Window Washing are required – Will train the right person but some skills are required for the manager position.
  • Develop new business, sales and bidding of new jobs.  You can earn a commission on every job!
  • Applicant must work a minimum 40 hours per week providing these services and basics of this job.  Additionally, you will need to be available to your staff and customers if problems arise.

Will train in all area including the following:

  • Establishing and implementing employee training and safety programs.
  • Inspection and quality control procedures.
  • New Hire and Employee Training Procedures.

Employment Policies:

  • Applicants must pass a background check.
  • Safety of all personnel and quality of work is of paramount concern.  We are a Drug and Alcohol Free workplace.  You will be required to take and pass a Drug and Alcohol Test prior to employment.  Testing also occurs at Random, Post Incident, and For Cause.  Refusal to take any test is interpreted as a failure, and is immediate grounds for termination.
  • U.S. Cleaning Professionals, Inc. is a smoke-free work environment.  There is no smoking allowed on our property, or any property we service.
  • U.S. Cleaning Professionals, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.  It is our policy to comply with all applicable state and federal laws prohibiting discrimination in employment based on race, age, color, sex, religion, national origin, or other protected classification.

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