Sanitize Your Spring!

Sanitize your spring as it is almost over. This is why we need to focus in and tackle those spring cleaning tasks we spent so much time avoiding! Why wait until spring to deep clean your business? U.S. Cleaning Professionals offer regular scheduled cleaning services with add on options for deep cleanings so you don’t have to. Let the professionals kick those cobwebs and dust bunnies out of your business. We use professional, safe and high quality cleaning products and tools to protect and maintain your facility.

Please call us at 970-343-4483 or click the link to get the process of your, “Free Commercial Quote” started.

Is your commercial building getting the best clean?

What do you worry about when a customer walks into your business?

Firstly, are you hoping that they don’t see the big dust pile in the corner?  Secondly, are you hoping they don’t notice the cobwebs or overflowing trash? These are things that should not have an impact on making that first impression.

Most importantly, you shouldn’t be worrying about the cleanliness of your building, as you should be focusing on providing the best customer service possible and/or making that big sale!

In conclusion, let the cleaning staff of U.S. Cleaning Professionals give you the peace of mind and take care of the business you have worked hard to build and grow.  We at U.S. Cleaning Professionals have services ranging from basic necessities to premium options. 

We also have a special service team to provide carpet, window and hard floor cleaning services as add-on options upon request for our current customers.

Let U.S. Cleaning Professionals give your building the best clean and let you focus on what really matters, your customer! 

Resolve to have the cleanest business on the block this New Year!

We at U.S. Cleaning Professionals believe that your facility should have the best quality clean possible!  What better way to start the new year then to make sure your business is looking its absolute best.  We offer free quotes and flexible scheduling. 

Check out this sparkling clean bathroom from one of our satisfied clients. We want our customers to be proud of the environment that they present to their customers!

Give us a call at 970-343-4483 or visit us on our website  at to see more information and to get a free commercial quote.

One more great tool to stop cold and flu season!

It’s cold and flu season!  We have a new tool in our arsenal to help keep your team and customers safe and healthy!  Cordless Electrostatic Handheld Sprayers.  That’s a mouthful.  Here is what it means to our customers.

Handheld Sprayers are loaded with a Disinfectant or Sanitizer.  The sprayer emits a spray that is electrostatically charged.  The charge helps the disinfectant / sanitizer reach into all the nooks, crannies, and even behind objects.