After training you will need to understand all aspects of a commercial janitorial service and how U.S. Cleaning does business.

      • Communicating and listening effectively with customers and team members through telephone calls, emails and in person to maintain a positive relationship.
      • Follow-up on problem jobs and customer complaints to resolve outstanding issues.
      • Creating accurate daily and weekly work schedules, budget reports, total quality management schedules, project work, special requests and complaints.
      • Create and track customer billing including resolving issues regarding past due invoices, service quality and any other issues.
      • Organizing yours and your team’s workload with detailed following up to customers and staff.
      • Identify and prioritize opportunities within current active customers.
      • Making and receiving calls for new customers at U.S. Cleaning Professionals.
      • Maintain detailed customer information including activity, contacts and organization for maintaining service relationships, additional services and referrals.


      • Outgoing, friendly and a positive attitude. Able to overcome problems and negativity.
      • Able to motivate others through dynamic personality and self confidence.
      • Self Starting and able to make quick decisions and above average problem solving skills.
      • Be able to look at big picture with regards to the company and staff success.
      • Be thorough in completing tasks. Must have meticulous, detailed and highly organized work performance.
      • Professional, well spoken, knowledgeable and articulate. Poor grammar will not be accepted in verbal or written skills.
      • Professional and strong leadership role is needed for this position. Manner and dress attire must be professional.


      • Confidence with computers and learning new computer programs. This skill will be tested prior to being hired. Must know more than the basics of spreadsheets, Microsoft programs, etc.
      • Pleasing and professional telephone speaking voice. This skill will be evaluated during a telephone interview.
      • Managing many tasks simultaneously and resolving issues promptly and excellent follow-through organization.
      • Ability to learn and function independently as well as part of the team. You will be expected to lead and organize team meetings.
      • Speaking Spanish, or at least the willingness to learn will enhance your position.


      • The base pay for this position is related to the level of responsibility the applicant is willing to take on.  Hourly pay is based on experience.
      • The lead in this position will earn hourly wages at 30-40 hours per week.
      • Advancement will depend solely on job performance, attitude and extra responsibilities taken on.

Employment Policies:

      • Applicants must pass a background check.
      • Safety of all personnel and quality of work is of paramount concern.  We are a Drug and Alcohol Free workplace.  You will be required to take and pass a Drug and Alcohol Test prior to employment.  Testing also occurs at Random, Post Incident, and For Cause.  Refusal to take any test is interpreted as a failure, and is immediate grounds for termination.
      • U.S. Cleaning Professionals, Inc. is a smoke-free work environment.  There is no smoking allowed on our property, or any property we service.
      • U.S. Cleaning Professionals, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.  It is our policy to comply with all applicable state and federal laws prohibiting discrimination in employment based on race, age, color, sex, religion, national origin, or other protected classification.

Do you think you have what it takes to be in the lead position? Please take a moment and fill out this short pre-application questionnaire.

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